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Keepin' it fresh

with all the freshest ingredients - homemade sauces, curries, soups, chai tea and more!  


Our Story

Jarod and Erin Rae, the owners of the Lunchbox Fresh Market, moved to Fernie to get away from the hectic pace of life in Calgary. The Lunchbox has provided them with a fabulous opportunity to take advantage of Jarod's 20 years of restaurant/bar experience and Erin Rae's 10 years of similiar experience. They've kept the amazing style of food that the locals and tourists love and expanding the concept with some fresh ideas. 


Our Mission

At the Lunchbox, we thrive on fresh and homemade ingredients. From our chai tea to the delicious sauces and the authentic curries, everything is made from fresh ingredients. With Jarod's 20 years of experience in restaurants, his recipes have been perfected with bold flavors that the locals of Fernie love.